The Wonderful World of Icelandic Vocabulary


The literal translation would be something like “flight-hooligan”, to refer to anyone who behaves like a hooligan once they board a plane.

"Takk fyrir mig"

Icelanders most often use the phrase to thank someone for a good meal (they can also say “Takk fyrir mig” which means “Thanks for dinner”). It’s also used to thank for a favour, a gift and pretty much anything else.

Mæðgur / mæðgin

The word mæðgur means ‘mother and daughter’ while mæðgin means ‘mother and son’.

What Do You Need to Know About the Icelandic Language?

Native Speakers

This North Germanic language, spoken by 330,000 native speakers. Icelandic is a source of national pride.

The Naming Committee

Iceland has a naming committee. If you want to choose a name that has never been used before, you must first have permission from the naming committee to make sure that it fits into Icelandic grammar rules for inflections.


In Icelandic, the stress always falls on the first syllable. The only exception is in the word “halló,” which usually has stress on the second syllable.

Interesting Facts About the Icelandic Alphabet

Unique Features
Although the language is written in Latin script, its alphabet has unique features. It has a total of 32 letters.
C, Q, W, And Z
The English letters c, q, w, and z do not exist in the Icelandic alphabet. They do exist on Icelandic keyboards but when it comes to words, you won’t see one starting with these letters. However, there are foreign words in Iceland which are written with these words and they also appear in some family names.
There are fourteen vowels in the Icelandic alphabet. Five of them are the same as the English vowels.


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